end of quarter celebration

My class had a potluck today to celebrate our last day of the term -- it was quite jolly and I brought vegan chocolate cupcakes with pink swirlies on top. I even color-coordinated my ensemble to match the confections. It was a charming day and I am so glad this quarter is behind me. Many of my peers were surprised to hear the cupcakes were made without butter or eggs or any other dairy products. They asked, "what's in them then?" and nodded when I listed all the other things that go into cupcake batter -- cocoa, flour, sugar, baking soda, oil, etc. The exact recipe is the same one I used for the chocolate layer in the Monkey cake for Dave's birthday. The link is here for ease :

The frosting is simply vegan "cream cheese" (tofutti is a good brand), 1/2 c. powdered sugar and a few drops of vanilla and food coloring -- hardly a recipe, more an assembly. Very tangy and nice with the not-to-sweet, yet oh-so-moist cake. The cake is the real star here.

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