Vegan Waffle Joint

Yesterday, my brother and I strolled the corner of Mississippi and Fremont and happened upon the cutest (and only) waffle stand I have ever seen. The owner, David, was charming and pumped on his offerings-- I can't blame him, I was so bummed I had just eaten lunch, lest I would have sampled his delights-- I will be going there soon though, so watch for a full review!

drawing of flavourspot

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  1. Myself being the brother with whom Leela mentioned stumbling upon the waffle stand, I will add that I ate there this morning. I ordered the Sausage and Maple, described on the menu as "pork sausage patties and 100% pure organic maple spread. Sweet, salty, delicious!" Indeed, the menu's prophecy proved correct. I am happy to report that my lifelong debate between getting something sweet or savory for breakfast has been rendered obsolete. Such is the power of the waffle stand. Here, here, three cheers for Dave the Waffle Stand Man!