Let it Begin

Thanksgiving was upon us in a great way this year -- all the "kids" (24-28 year-olds) rallied and potlucked an array of dishes, each taste trumping the previous.  I really never ate such a varied meal with so many different and delicious flavors.  Also, the company was UNPARALLELED in their WONDERFULNESS, I feel so thankful for my family.

ahem, le menu:

2 (yes 2!) types of biscuits: rosemary and pumpkin -- so tender, so fluffy, I swore they were made of pure cloud
cranberry sauce: traditional and pure (and lots of it, I need a LOT of sauce)
green beans: obligatory green object at decadent feast, a nice counter balance to all the richness
walnut, orange and purple cabbage salad: a fallish, sassy salad
stuffing: very traditional, with celery and onions
yams: Bittman's new stir-fried recipe, doused heavily in sage butter -- good God, this was a good take on an old orange friend
"roast": a crazy, "faux meat" thingy I made from wheat gluten -- oddly delicious and crusty, moist and juicy

and, 2 pies --

one pumpkin, one hazelnut chocolate tart.  Divine interplay between saliva, tongue, fat and sugar.  SOO GOOD!

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