Vive La Mama!

Happy Belated Mother’s Day

I come from two beloved parents – one Cissy, one Richard – but it is this day that we honor the ladies behind it all – the maman, momma, mama, mommy, moo, hun, mer, etc. My Mom, she has it all – Southern charms, the ability to shoot a bb gun, poetry, an inquisitive mind, a reckless way of reading novels (she skips to the end, and mosies all in between the story), a huge and ever-growing heart and, lastly, an enthusiastic whoop for eating anything I devise. She is one of my most effusive recipients of la queezeen. I salute her. I’m posting this late, because I didn’t want to give away her gift – which was en route on actual Mother’s Day.

Herb Salt
1 part fresh herbs (you must make sure they are fully dry) – *I used thyme, sage and orange zest
1 part coarse sea salt

whiz these items in the food processor and pack in little jars and send them to your mommy – tell her to put the salt all over stuff – salads, toasts, rice, avocados, it’s yummy!

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  1. How the hell did Dad ever land Mom? Look at that picture! He should thank his lucky stars each and every day. Viva la Mama!