Comfort me with Risotto

When a case of nerves strike me, I consistently turn to simple foods that involve sweet or starchiness -- often both -- I think I'm entitled for a little goose-pimpley arm and sudden urge to barf because the clock is ticking ... One week from tomorrow, I'll be made an "honest woman." That's right -- July 4th D and I are getting hitched. So in these final hours, only apricot cake, peanut butter toast and risotto will do. An enchanting risotto this was though -- I saw two lady chefs demonstrate this at the market (PSU 10 am -- very cool chef series happening this summer, if you are in Portland and find yourself wandering, scone and cappuccino in hand . . . ooohhh, so nice....). I cannot get enough of this dish, pre-wedding jitters or otherwise -- I made slight modifications, to use vegetables I had on hand.

* green beans, 1/2 a fennel bulb and a small zucchini for the suggested kale, chard, wintry greens

* and Piave Vecchio cheese instead of Parmigiano-Reggiano

* click above images to enlarge and print

D and I ended up heating a portion of this risotto every night for supper this week, with a small side salad and a splash of vino, it is a very friendly and nurturing dish -- in between creating playlists, double-checking names of distant aunties, trying to find a decent undergarment for my dress (an impossible task!), making gifts for the gracious hosts of our party . . . the big wedding to-do list is slowly dwindling . . . and I am pure butterflies in the belly at the thought of marrying the man of my dreams . . .


  1. That risotto looks amazing! Can't wait to try it--you go girl!
    xo, t

  2. I'm so excited for you. i bought clare mae some brand new hot pink shoes for the par-tay!

  3. all my best leela!

  4. Oohh I remember that lead up. All nerves. Luckily I spent the week at my parents house in the pool & equipped with a beer in hand. As for the undergarment dilemma - I just skipped 'em! Scandalous, yes. Worried about straps/lines showing - no.

    (The risotto sounds yummy, btw.)

  5. i married the girl of my dreams, and now food tastes better, the air is fresher, colors are more vibrant; i have a deep sense that i'm growing up, -- and as if i've somehow won the favor of some powerful yet forgotten deity, i have been granted the chance to live in the company of such a special and beautiful girl.


    awesome risotto.