From Russia with Love

No, it's not the James Bond movie I'm talking about -- it's this adorable chocolate bar I bought on Tuesday from a small Russian grocery store deep in South East Portland.  I was out there having my wedding dress tailored (only 1 month away -- holy smokes!) and got the recommendation from the seamstress to check out this shop for "dee beast Russia braid."  I skipped the bread, but fell in love with the darling packaging of this chocolate... 

I'm thinking Bittman's chocolate pudding could be the future of my fair Russian maiden -- if I don't eat it all in one go while working on homework.


  1. She's the best!
    Oh Russian Love!
    I honestly can not get enough of her, she is so damn cute....

  2. mmm bittman's pudding...and it seemed so easy. i am also fond of the creme anglais too. russian's in your blood. can't wait to try the granola. xxx mom