The Lunch that Ended all Lunches

*before and after photos

Behind every great family event: going for a nice river-walk, seeing a brilliant movie, meandering a street-fair (complete with naked bicycle-riding parade, this is Portland after all) relaxing together at the coffee shop, watching a Laker game at a bar -- I'd argue there was a great lunch to give stamina and strength for the rest of the day. . . Indeed a great lunch was had last weekend, when BOTH of my parents were in town . . . There are no better farmer's market companions than these two -- they share in the glee at trying a pungent dark cherry and revel in the perfect scone like there is no tomorrow. We are of the same ilk, you'd swear we were all related. When we got home, I took on lunch while the troops relaxed on the red sofa. And then, we dined . . .

Le Menu was the simplest of affairs -- letting the natural flavors really do all the talking --

roasted asparagus, fennel, and yellow squash

mixed greens tossed with new fancy balsamic vinegar-- reduced to a syrup over the stove by Daveed (thank you, Steph!)

a few local cheeses

fresh baguette from Pearl Bakery

tomato and basil salad

toasted walnuts and capers

It was sublime -- the company even better than the food.


  1. such a wonderful time! xxxx mommy

  2. That is my favorite kind of lunch. GORGEOUS.

  3. this lunch was so divine, it was as if we had all been transported into the kitchen of an oregon farmer who is also a world class chef who demands only the finest ingredients, as well as the most wonderful company.