Pietopia 2009

(my little mango friend, being doled out to passersby)

This is the last news of pie, for at least a little while, I swear. I'm all pied out! I had an amazing time at the Farmer's Market, partaking in this years Pietopia Pie Contest, brought to Portland by my remarkable and talented friend, Tricia. I was happy to hear that tasters were really into my mango treat, and seemed to relish in all the pie tastings. It was such a happy thing to just make pies, eat pies and talk to folks about all of our collective pie musings and memories. I learned a lot from a few folks, describing their favorite recipes or how they do their crust (a tiny bit of vinegar, a local pie enthusiast says, makes the flake so tender... I'll have to try that.)

(me dishing out samples, happy as a little bear with honey on her paws...)

(the mango key lime pies, dusted with chili powder, in all their yellow glory.)

A great thing also happened at the market -- a woman approached me and said she also knew about the chili/mango flavor combination and she makes local, small-batch goat cheese, Dee Creek Farms, subtly flavored with chipotle and mango. I just had a little on a tortilla with my black bean soup and it was light and fluffy as a cloud, with a kick and sweetness playing on my tongue -- so generous! I am such a lucky lady.

(cranberry apple pie)

This pie was so so tasty! It had the most delicate, flavorful crust -- I love that she made one lattice, one crumble top, you could sample with your own ideal crust/fruit ratio. It was a very autumnal, deep, earthy dessert.

Tricia and I, in our frocks, laughing and smacking lips and gabbing all afternoon. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon -- Pietopia lifted my spirits 10 fold and completely changed my grumpy packing mood. I am so lucky to live in a city that supports this work and have met a great friend who masterminds delicious and meaningful events...

Now, to the bathtub and sleep mask I go!

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