Journal Excerpt

(Dave in our "seat" on the train to Mysore. Note how many bars are missing from where we are to place our big American tushies.)
Dave’s rendition:

“On the train--- 3rd class even. Waited on platform 9, until we realized that our train was indeed leaving from plat. 10 and it was full, packed full of people. We are now perched on the luggage racks, which at first seemed odd, but now that even more people boarded, it seems a popular place to sleep.”

My take:

“We sat on our suitcases and a sack of flour, with our extra water bottles and snacks, waiting for our train to arrive… only to realize the train to Mysore had been there all along, we only had 5 minutes to get a seat in a car that was already jam-packed. We got on and looked up, to find the only spot left, above the sardine seats, on a blue luggage rack, with half of the bars missing! Now we are perched and eating pomegranates, dropping a few seeds here and there on the head of the elderly purple-saried lady below.”
(sights from the train... cow pees at left, and eats Hindu car garland at right.)

(Lady selling garlands, under the shade of her large umbrella.)

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  1. It is a good thing to comment on the lack of seats, or slats, or seeds falling on passenger below. Another month in India and you may forget to notice. IT will become the norm. The real excitement of traveling is when you return, and there is an assigned seat for will think that is SO WEIRD. Dave looks like a happy traveler. The cow looks happy eating the garland. And the wheel of karma go on and on in India.