Kerala Backwaters Round 2

(there's been about 10 years in between these photos, Dad took the one on the left, Dave took the one on the right -- but my clothing seems to have stayed exactly the same! )

We took a day trip to the Kerala Backwaters, an intricate system of canals (both man-made and natural) about 30 kms from Aleppy. This was a return to a peaceful spot my Dad and I had been before... Some things are special and magical a few times, others exist in their own unique present moment, this was a trip that was better on the first go -- But, hey, we still had fun.

The highlight was the traditional Kerala banana leaf thali meal --full of rich spices and coconut. "Kerala" means "Land of Coconuts" and to see all the uses of the coconut and realize its life-giving power to the people near the rivers, the place truly lives up to its name. They use coconut husks to make into rope, roofs, tools, in all their foods. Amazing ingenuity!