For the most part, this is what happens to me when we are in travel mode -- the energy to figure out where we're going, how we're getting there, costs of said locations, negotiations with tut tut drivers or bus drivers, rallying for student discounts, do we have snacks, where are we going to EAT (almost always forefront on my mind), will eat be greasy and scary or tasty yummy?, walking, heat, keeping each other afloat if one person is a little down ...

It's deeply exhausting --always worth it! And, I'm blessed with the Ross family gift of being able to catch a nap anywhere (like at the Fine Art Gallery in Delhi, see photo above), anytime. My brother Nick lived in Spain and the siesta concept stuck so hard, he even carved out a snooze within the madness of a public school teacher's day - miraculous! My Dad, a notorious sleeper, can literally count back from 10 and be asleep by 5-- be it on a plane, a bumpy car ride, a party, whatever. Mom, she sleeps like a baby but keeps odd hours -- often dashing out the best emails, polishing off a novel or putting the finishing touches on her phd at 3 o'clock in morning. Her sleep schedule knows no conventionality! No surprise here... the woman cuts cantaloupe like a hurricane. She's my role model!

Traveling here always makes for a satisfying slumber -- full of crazy dreams: swirling textiles, haggling with banana wallas, pigs, rice fields, Dave ordering a veg thali and garbage, mountains of garbage . . . I've never slept so hard or with such activity as I do in India.

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