Wow! Masala corn is so so good -- We were wandering around last night by the river, taking in the hub bub of the film festival happening here right now, trying to get a peek at the Bollywood stars (no dice yet) and we bumped right into this corn vendor. I will definitely be trying this at home -- there wasn't much to it, but it was FABULOUS! I watched the guys make it and this is what I saw:

A big bowl of steamed corn
fresh lime juice
chili powder
black pepper
chopped cilantro

and stir . . .

The bite of the perfectly cooked, toothsome sweet corn, mixed with the tart lime, salt and hot chili made this snack totally addictive and delicious. Some of the best street food we've had here. I think we may go back tonight for his neighbors offerings, a vegetarian hot dog. Oh boy!

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