Don't laugh too hard at this wee-banana. Here in India, they come in a variety of sizes, but mini is by far my favorite, as shown in this crazy cute post. I have already professed my love of the wee-banana, but it cannot be stated enough -- they're perfectly small, come in a little wrapper (convenient for stuffing in the purse), give me oodles of energy, can be eaten any time of day and they are the perfect mate for my beloved peanut butter. I am bananas for bananas you could say -- there's only one person more of a fiend than I, and that is dear David. He is the king, eating up to 3 or 4 in a day (more proof he is part monkey). Many flavors are found here -- sweet, sour, overly ripe and green. At 20 Rupees for 8, they are a clear winner in budget eating.


  1. I can't tell how tiny this banana is from this picture. You need something for comparison, like how about Dave's head. :) Tom loves him some bananas, too. And I bet he'd be crazy for these little ones. Did you get our FB video?