(view from our boat)

After four hours of sitting in a half-seat on a cramped bus, and a pit stop at a crazed tourist emporium . . . We made it onto the junk (that's what they call these boats here) and into the Halong Bay. After much debate whether or not the excursion would be too touristy or lame or whatever -- we arrived and it was SPECTACULAR!!

The seascape and limestone rock formations were out-of-this-world beautiful. We couldn't help but sing the Jurassic Park theme song the entire time (I'm listening to it again as I type this, as per D's request and it's so rad), the craggy cliffs and greenery were just so easy to imagine dinosaurs, sea monsters and dragons prancing upon. Between the mist, the good company of our boat mates and the 20 minutes of sunshine that poked out while we paddled around the coves, the Halong Bay was divine.

(me looking out, cozy in the cabin -- photo by D)

Cuddling in the cabin and feeling the boat sway while watching the cliffs go by was one of my favorite parts of the Halong Bay.

(all kinds of fruits are available, even all the way out at sea)

Lastly, my interest in fruits was satisfied even out at sea! There was many different types to choose from, sadly we had no change and the young girl sellers (on wooden rafts!) wouldn't budge with their prices... So we settled for eating peanut butter and Ritz crackers in our room, while playing dominoes waiting for dinner to be served. Next trip to the Halong Bay, I'll bring smaller amounts of dong.

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  1. ha ha, you said dong:). i love the shift in scenery and (seemingly) weather and attitude. and i love imagining you and D in your room eating peanut butter crackers. isn't this what life is made of? moments like those!