I have saved the best for last. The pomegranates are perfect here -- ruby red, explosive with juice, shiny, sweet -- in a word, perfect. We manage to eat at least one per day, per person. D likes to smush his beautiful jewels and add yogurt, I like to sprinkle mine all over french toast, cereal or oatmeal, or just eat them by the mouthful while reading a book. It's all so decadent and so colorful. For about 20 Rupees per fruit, they are so extraordinarily cheap compared to the US and so high in quality, it would be a shame to not stuff ourselves while we can. They are perfect. Sublime. And look at the jewels together in the gray-white space. So cute. I love this photo.


I have an extra bonus treat to share . . . My Mom, renaissance woman, writer, dreamer, swimmer, teacher and tenderhearted lady, has agreed to my posting one of her poems -- It features the bewitching red fruit -- without further adieu.

Fragment found near shopping center excavation
by Cissy S. Ross

I walk with care
around the boundaries of the house,
breaking only my promises.

I watch my husband in the market
and learn to steal from him.
I tend the garden and hide pomegranates,
like red jewels, for myself alone.
I nurse babies and sing softly
for them to disobey.
I am heavy with secrets.

If the other women knew,
would they turn against me?
Would my parents be the first
to pick up stones?

Thanks for sharing in the Indian fruits! We are now in Vietnam, experiencing a whole new palate of produce. And thanks, Mom, for your words.


  1. I love love love pomegranates! I'm jealous they are so cheap there. Enjoy your travels in vietnam!

  2. I love the author(s). Excellent post. You are changing the way I consume!!!!

  3. Beautiful placement of the pomegranate seeds. It makes me want to have some right now. I eat it like I eat cereal...a full bowl of them, in spoonfuls.

  4. hey Leela, this is katy, your pop's little studio assistant. I love these fruit profiles & envy your access to gorgeous, fresh, inexpensive produce! I've been following the blog and can't wait to see what visual treats you post from Vietnam. Enjoy!

  5. Beautiful Photo! Aiyana and I just finished devouring one together. So scrumptious and addicting... there is something so satisfying about exposing that perfect section where you can break off a whole bunch of perfectly plump red seeds at once. Loved experiencing India vicariously through your wonderful posts! Really enjoyed the poem too. Such a talented family!!!!!!!!!!