I bought a few of EACH candy at the grocery store the other day. I realize after looking through the last few posts from Vietnam, I am having a bit of a problem with the ole sweet tooth! The treats here are so intriguing though -- some of the candies have such a gummy texture -- more like eating rubber than a sweety. The packaging is so cute though, it's hard to resist. Look at that chocolate -- it's called "Feeling." We also saw a big box of chocolates that had a large cursive label that read "Warmly." I guess the chocolates inside are supposed to make you feel cozy?

Okay, okay, so I have been eating a little too much candy lately, but a guy next to us at the supermarket had a downright addiction -- he was filling up bag after bag of the "corn candy." We thought they must be good, how could someone get that much of ONE candy and it not be good? Well, they tasted like chewing on a piece of yellow tire, with a faint essence of popcorn butter and plastic as the end note -- not worth the energy it took to gnaw through the darn thing. The chocolate? It was a disgrace to the word "chocolate." . . . an experience akin to sucking on a dab of crisco -- an absolutely flavorless tragedy.

These gummy squares are lovely to look at and one of my favorite candies tasted thus far -- a mix between a Turkish delight and a sour-patch kid. Their flavor is not too artificial and their pastel color is so light and pretty.

Lastly, look at these pandas cuddling! What they lack in texture and flavor (plastic bouncy ball), they make up for in cuteness.

The candy tasting did teach me a few things -- there are people who detest chewiness in their textural eating experiences and those in the other camp, who enjoy the chew (we enjoy boba tea, sour gummy worms, sour jelly beans, etc.). I always put myself into the chewy camp . . . but now I realize there's a whole other level, like the corn candy man (expert connoisseur?). I'm not sure if I'll ever get so chewy, but I accept my mid-level status. Now, onto a healthy dinner and a good teeth-brushing.


  1. Tasty and beautiful! CR

  2. America has the "jaw breaker", looks like Vietnam's got the "jaw exhauster"

  3. Bad candy, especially chocolate, is such a bummer! But I love how it's called Feeling--that's amazing. Wonderful photos too!

  4. only in candy would a tiger and a pineapple be the same size