(from left to right: me drawing a guy (on demand!) in Hampi, with a crowd of about 40 people watching, the gang in a weird bar -- NASA -- in Bangalore, Drew and Steph climbing into the conical boat we took to get to monkey temple in Hampi, a group high five from the boat -- super hot and sweaty from our climb to the temple, where I was yelled at heavily by an old Indian lady, apparently I chose the wrong boulder to sit on.)

Our trip across South India via train, with Drew and Steph (D's brother and our sister-in-law), was the tops! They were INCREDIBLE travel-partners-- we laughed, toughed it out, haggled, hiked, ate, marveled, joked, and dined together like kings and queens. There's no way to wrap up a journey like ours in a neat and tidy bow -- it was so FULL of adventure... So I present a few highlights from the road . . .

We ran into many surprises along the way -- relaxation in peaceful Goa, ancient imaginary bussle in the ruin-filled city of Hampi, buzzing in Bangalore and finally all flying out, toasting the new year with chai and samosas in the Chennai airport.

I am eternally grateful for the friendship and added joy of a slice of home in a far-off place.

(Lakshmi, the temple elephant and Dave atop a boulder in magical Hampi on our early morning boulder dance/hike.)

(Steph and I discovered the wonders of a simple tomato soup at Koshy's, an old restaurant in Bangalore where waiters wear white suits and the vibe is very old colonial British/French... Monkeys staring into the sunset at the Stone-Car Temple in Hampi, a pretty flower, and a lovely breakfast at the Mango Tree restaurant, along the river in Hampi -- Steph dined on nutella/banana pancakes and we all had other tropical delights -- for example, I tried pineapple porridge! heavenly.)

Now, we find ourselves in an art palace in Ho Chi Minh City -- which is a whole other story, to be told shortly. Vietnam is blowing my mind with unexpected wonders and delights (hello French pastries)!


  1. I have loved being on your journey so far!...On! On! Looking forward to what's next.CR

  2. glorious! beautiful photos- what an amazing time you must have spent in India.