(the most divine chocolate tart rests on the white comforter in our hotel room -- it looks so innocent before being devoured!)

(A flowery mango is scored and placed atop slightly sweetened sticky rice, swimming in a warm bath of coconut cream. This was the best version of this beloved dish that I've ever had -- served at Thai Express in Hanoi. {Photo by David})

One of the many wonderful aspects of traveling in Vietnam and sampling the country's complex cuisine is the attention to delicious desserts. From the French tradition of tarts and macarons to the use of local ingredients such as mangos, coconut milk and sticky rice -- the variation is dazzling, the flavors and mixture of East/West harmonious. In fact, we just brought the world's most elegant chocolate tart back to our room (to eat in bed!) from Hanoi's swankiest Hotel, Sofitel Metropole. The crust was so tender and buttery, it reignited my quest for the perfect tart and pie crust . . . There is so much contention and passion surrounding the topic --

What's the secret to your crust?

Also, the ganache filling was bursting with cocoa velvet-smooth luxury -- each bite a winning example of textural and taste contrasts. Superb! Perfect pastry, mango desserts -- they both awaken my senses and take me to my happy place.


  1. I want to eat that mango right off the screeeeeen! seriously.

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