(a man and woman work together to prepare the fluffy donuts -- he rolls and prepares dough, she stirs donuts in oil with exceptionally long chopsticks)

One of my favorite places to eat is on the street. In foreign lands and at home, in Portland's bezerk food cart scene -- there's just something really soulful and satisfying about eating something you can watch be cooked, usually over a high heat, and handed to you on a paper plate or in a napkin. Street food is cheap, delicious and often much safer than eating in a fancy hotel, where ingredients may have been lying around for hours, perhaps getting funky (not fun for the traveler's belly). So when Dave and I stopped and watched this team make simple sesame donuts, (we were entranced) and thought to get one and "eat just a bite." Little bites turned into big bites and then we ate the whole thing because it was perfect. It made me create a new rule -- fried foods are only to be eaten fresh off the fryer. This donut was so far from a dough ball sitting in a pink box (I'm still enamored with those pretty pink bakery boxes though) at an office room, I swore I'd never eat a tired, sad limp fried good again. These street donuts were hardly sweet, with a light sesame flavor, a steaming interior and perfect ratio of golden crust to pillowy insides. It was sesame donut bliss for sure!


  1. soulful sesame donuts! only you could make that connection...well maybe if we were there...I'll just hope one day to be taking you and your Constant Companion to try a New Orleans' beignet donut! CR

  2. Hey lady! I didnt know you had this site!!! I just saw your comment- and found you--Trish has been keeping me posted on all your travels- sooooo exciting and wonderful.

  3. Oh YUM! I love those donuts!! They remind me so much of my Thai grandmother. She used to get those donuts and eat them with sweetened condensed milk every day. Not exactly healthy for the heart, but definitely great for the soul!