(chestnuts roasting at a street stall-- I wasn't crazy about the fatty vein running down the center -- reminded me of bacon . . . Does anyone else have this problem with chestnuts? How do you enjoy them?)

We've only been here for three days, but already we've fallen hard for our new city, Istanbul. Each mosque crazy architecture the next, each treat or street food we exclaim, "No, THIS one is the best!" chivalrous men give up their seat for me on almost all modes of transportation, the sea air, the fashionable ladies chatting over coffees, the volume level of the streets is kinda quiet and peaceful (not the crazed honking of Asia), and it even snowed . . .

(steamy chef -- right after this photo, he gave me a big thumbs up and cheeky grin. Could he see me blush through all that fog?)

We awoke to find little swirling flakes gently floating by, a city wearing a cozy white blanky. A big gust of wind came by, D affirmed "that's Santy Claus landing on the roof." Another puff a few minutes later and I said, "Mrs. Claus for sure."

(pretty old boat on the Golden Horn -- we looked at a flat down here -- the water was lovely, the air so fresh and crispy-- like biting into a perfect apple.)

The other great bit of news is that we found an apartment in the Nisantasi neighborhood. It feels like the Soho of Istanbul. A few highlights about the pad -- peach Victorian furniture, 2 large tea pots, great people-watching windows, a white bathrobe, a fancy chocolate shop across the street and a bread man right outside our building. And, even better than all that, is my oldest childhood friend, Kate, will be arriving for a visit with us in only 2 days!

(D and I attempt to eat our weight in Turkish pistachio baklava)

Email me if you want our address to send us love letters. Now, I'm off to cozy up with another cup of tea and my book. Hooray for a little nest in a big dazzling city!


  1. we want your address! when do your parents come?

  2. btw.. hoooooooot chef guy can come home with you guys and live as a sous chef for me:)

  3. um... lisa can have the chef, but i want some of that turkish pistachio baklava please. love the boat pic! (ps we got a new camera! woohoo.)

    say hi to d for us!

  4. I spent a week in Istanbul 6 years ago...gosh, has it been that long already! I also fell in love with that city, one of the most beautiful places I have been, and the baklava was totally to die for. Have so much fun while you are there!

  5. P.S. While I was in Turkey we took an overnight bus, complete with a bus attendant who kept giving us hand sanitizer, to Cappadocia (sp?) It was some of the strangest natural scenery ever. People used to and still do dig their homes into the soft rocks to form caves, and there are some cool really really old churches dug into the cave walls. In case you want to get out of the city for a little bit.