It's lemon! Sauteed in olive oil, loads of onion and garlic and doused with a bath of lemon juice, brussels sprouts are delicious, my friends. Delicious. The secret is in the lemon -- adding a big punch of flavor to the healthy sprouties.

Also, I swear by unpeeling the leaves a little, quartering or cutting the sprouts in half, that way, they cook quickly and evenly. They retain their crunch and flavor, but get a little tender along the way. If I had an oven, I'd be roasting the brussels sprouts on a high heat, getting little crispy leaves along the way, awh, such is life on the road.

Next time you run into this veggie with a bad reputation, give them a chance, look how pretty they are resting on our hot plate. Just make sure not too overcook them (a lifetime of brussel-haters you shall create) and serve with the secret weapon. This onion, brussels, garlic and lemon combo would be great tossed with some pasta -- we had ours with toast.

Do you have a secret way of cooking brussels sprouts I should know about?


  1. My favorite way- roasted in the oven with white beans and shrooms. Saute onions and garlic in olive oil a pan on the stove. Add mushrooms and cook until caramelized. Do not add salt- it will make the mushrooms sweat and they won't caramelize. Toss with quartered sprouts and rinsed, cooked white beans. Cover with foil or lid. Cook until the sprouts are tender. Uncover, top with grated asiago or gruyere and cook another few minutes. YUM!!!!!

  2. such beauties! love the pix! we have been buying brussel sprouts on the bough. CR

  3. those sound delicious! i had some amazing brussels sprouts at a restaurant that were covered in garlic and brown sugar. i've tried to re-create them, but have been unsuccessful thus far. with your mad cooking skills, i'm sure you can find a way to make them as yummy and gooey and caramelized as the restaurant! xo tara

  4. I LOOOOVE brussel sprouts! I've been craving them simply roasted with olive oil and salt.

  5. I use the 101cookbooks method, which gets the little halved sprouts nice and golden on the stovetop in a flash. You first halve the sprouts and ditch any yucky outer leaves. Get yourself a wide shallow saute pan with a lid and coat the bottom with olive oil. Heat on medium and nestle the sprouts cut side down and then cover the pan. Let them steam in their own deliciousness until bright green and slightly fork-tender, just starting to get golden on the bottom (usually like 5-10 minutes). Take off the lid and crank up the heat (and add a touch more olive oil, if necessary) and get the cut side deeply browned and crispy and then flip them to give the round edge a bit of color, too. Add a bit of salt and pepper, maybe some toasted walnuts and/or walnut oil, a bit of sherry vinegar or lemon, and there you go! I watched Keith E. eat practically a whole pan of these standing in my kitchen before dinner was served. They are delish!

    Yours looks amazing, too!