We had the most lovely picnic, at a restaurant in the middle of a graveyard -- they do that here, have cafes in graveyards -- very interesting! Is there a more sublime feeling than eating good bread, a little cheese, olives, raisins and a thermos of coffee with your honey in the sunshine?

I think not.

This yummy and simple lunch got us thinking on our top 5 lunch dishes . . . the results?

1) good bread, cheese, olives and raisins (pictured above)
2) big salad (lettuce, kale, shredded carrot, cabbage, beets, avocado, flax seed, walnuts smothered in garlic/miso dressing)
3) a burrito (oh how I miss thee!) -- beans, rice, veggies and tempeh
4) a slice of pizza -- artichoke and sun-dried tomatoes are my favorite toppings
5) a rice, vegetable and tofu bowl (eaten every day in Vietnam -- with silky smooth chopsticks we bought there)

What's your favorite mid-day meal?


  1. In a Graveyard?

    Oh my

    Favorite mid day meals.

    We there is a Costco Hotdog.
    There is the year that I ate in and out burgers...gave them up for a year and then someone asked ..."did you ever have them with GRILLED onions?" So I was back to that routine.
    Slice of Pizza from Rays in NY (the original)
    Anything your daughter prepares
    Anything your daughter prepares in a foreign country that you dream about sharing
    The cheese and fruit and bread you stuffed in your pocket at breakfast that someone else paid for....that you take out in the park at 11:30 because you are hungry from all the walking you have done in an exotic land.

    And of course "the nooner"......is anything better than that for lunch? Or is that too XXX rated to post?

  2. Leftovers, I just love leftovers!