(cheese vendors along perimeter of the Spice Bazaar)

(the Izmir Tulumu cheese meets the knife and, at right, another type is in strips, along the lines of string cheese- but infinitely tastier)

This cheese on the left is my favorite type here -- I was told by the seller that it's made in Izmir (Southwestern Turkey), and is known as "Izmir Tulumu." It is a semi-hard cheese, with salty and fatty notes-- I'd liken it to a Parmesan with funk. Izmir Tulumu is thought to be "defective" if the holes aren't as big as a bird's eye . . . It is made with sheep and cow's milk -- with varying amounts of both milks. With an olive, apple or piece of simit, it is perfectly unctuous and powerful. A meal of a cheese. It's a dairy-dominated week here for me. I just can't help myself! My pants and my hips will regret this gnoshing later . . . For now, I'm in cheese nirvana, where the tulumus and the cheesecakes run free, with little fairy wings, playing harps and flutes till the sun sets.

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