We found the perfect Americano in Istanbul -- Viennese Coffee, smooth porcelain cups, a teeny hot milk vessel, a futuristic/retro sugar shaker . . . All this combined with cute servers, Nina Simone and a very chic/eclectic mix of furniture made Cafe & Shop 49 in the Cihangir neighborhood our favorite place to while away an hour.

During our 6-week stay, to our horror, the shop closed for a few days for construction. Thankfully, they opened back up just in time for my parents arrival... And they are two people who DEFINITELY appreciate a good coffee. Here's D really enjoying our last visit to one of our favorite haunts.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I have also been in the same coffee shop and I must say that I really love the coffee they serve. I hope I could be able to duplicate some of their signature coffees in one of my grind and brew coffee makers back at home. Thanks for sharing.