(the seagulls hovered at eye-level the entire trip -- they were incredible to watch fly up close -- we all cheered when one would catch a piece of simit in his mouth)

Today we took a ferry to the Prince's Islands -- the boat ride brought an unstoppable smile to my face. Seagulls, simits, teas and coffees--we sat on the deck throwing pieces of bread to the birds for an hour and a half. Watching animals is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

(D sits with the local guys on the ferry)

(ponies and a view)

The Prince's Islands -- we visited the largest one, Buyukada -- are a beautiful day trip from Istanbul. The landscape of the island felt a lot like Santa Barbara, with craggy rocks, shrubs, beautiful trees, beaches and fresh sea air. There are no cars allowed on Buyukada and everyone either rides bicycles or takes horse-drawn carriages. We had a glorious bike ride.

(My bicycle was quickly deemed "Purple Haze" due to its lavender shade . . . It started to sprinkle and then we called it "Purple Rain")

(D's pose as he wins 'le tour de Buyukada' on his bike, "White Stallion")

We are home now and exhausted from our day out in nature (oh how I miss green space!) -- it was a superb ride and day. One little funny aside, on the way back to the city on the ferry, we were sternly spoken to by the police for cuddling. I guess sitting on D's lap is a no no here. huh? It was odd, but made me us giggle. Bicycles, illegal snuggles, empty roads, the Sea of Marmara -- what more could I possibly ask for?

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