After 6 weeks of sampling the plethora of breaded breakfast objects Istanbul has to offer, I have found my swan song, my demise, my favorite pastry of all time . . . It's a tender, not-to-sweet rich bread (akin to a rich cinnamon roll), wrapped up in a tidy bun. The wonder of it all, what makes it such a unique pastry, is that the bread is rolled in layers of rapturous, rich halvah. It's a halvah experience unlike any other. Pastry meets halvah, why haven't we done this before in the States? With a cup of coffee or tea to dunk and make merry with the richness of the treat, it's a sublime breakfast or late-afternoon snack. Like a teenage romance, I only have eyes for the halvah bun now. I have to get them while I can, we leave on Sunday!

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