(the funniest scene, the kid and the smooching couple --photo by D-- + the most fabulous tea cozy I've ever seen ... It's the green embroidered hat-like object)

(delicious, malty, chocolatey coffees we enjoyed)

We stopped for a wonderful coffee at Nude Espresso, around our jaunt to the Brick Lane area. I had the 'flat white' which I guess is all the rage in Australia, now London . . . No doubt Portland will be on the caffeinated heels of our forefathers. It is essentially a stronger version of a latte. Same double shot of espresso, less milk. As a lover of all coffees -- I dabble in every variation depending on my mood-- this one was new and very nice indeed! Strong and bold, yet still creamy. I will keep my ears and eyes open for it when we get back state-side.

The small, stylish shops around and on Cheshire St were gorgeous -- so well curated and displayed. It was like walking into art galleries, one right next door to the next. Good thing we had not a pound on us after our street-food lunch, because we were sorely tempted.

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  1. I love the joyous tone of your recent posts, even though you are "stuck" as it were in London. That last cake looks like something I'm going to bump up my list of "things to make after I get my new stove". Did I tell you that my oven's been broken since December? Only the cooktop works, so I'm DYING for a baking session. New kitchen being installed this summer!