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(where the magic happens)

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(starting the bambini off right with a stop to the sandwich shop)

(my lunch, in all its glory)

There are sandwiches and there are SANDWICHES. We indulged in the latter at a small shop around the corner from the Ufizzi Gallery, in Firenze. They were artfully assembled, each ingredient in perfect harmony and proportion to the other. I can only say that they were created by two sandwich gurus.

Picture this, mis amicis, soft focaccia with flecks of sea salt on the crust, a liberal smearing of black truffle sauce, roasted red peppers, grilled chili-flaked egglplant, fresh buffallo mozarella cheese and chopped arugula. As the guru created, he repeated each ingredient in Italian -- a language lesson always comes with my favorite lunch.
The thing about being in Florence, the Tuscan region of Italy, is the quality of each ingredient and its treatment is simply paramount. Each vegetable, cheese, cake, gelato -- they all sing with simplicity and understanding that the good foods in this world don't need much fussing. The vibrance of each item shines through, undressed and simple, unabashed and delicious. Nude, not naked. Like gorgeous Venus, emerging from the sea foam and David, standing in his birthday suit in the middle of the Palazzio.
Simple food, a light touch. It doesn't get much better. After I finished my sandwich, I had to go back and shake the man's hand. It was either that or ask him to come along with me in my suitcase for all of eternity.
If you go:
Fedra and Daniele Rosticceria,
Via de Neri, 74r, Firenze
tel. 055.238 2723

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  1. hey, that's OUR SHOP! tom lived like four doors down and we ate there and the rosticceria down the way almost every day! so jealous@@!!!!