(the maison du macaron, such lovely greens and golds)

(le macarons in siteu, before being bagged up for customers)

(le awesomeness awaits our palates)

(dare I say the most photogenic cookie ever made?)

We went to Laduree today, and life will never ever be the same. Definitely in our top 5 cookie experiences! The macaron haven, established on the Rue de Royale in 1862, is a palace of pastry and tea. Covered in gold, the opulence of the establishment matches the deliciousness of the sweets precisely. After reading many reviews of their specialty, le macaron --that perplexing little morsel of puffy meringue with complimentary frosting-- I had to try a few for myself.

I ordered the salted caramel, vanilla and cherry, D also had the caramel, lime and chocolate and orange blossom. Macaron in hand, we committed complete murder on the variety of flavors in about 2 minutes. The only problem was that they were over too soon. The exterior meringue was crispy yet impossibly light, the interior a voluptuous natural frosting, not cloyingly sweet. Together, they are harmonious song, like eating air. No doubt cherubs, princesses or petite elves are capable of making such a delizious confection. And like all things French, there is tremendous flavor packed into something tres teeny. How do they do it?
And yes, we're going back tomorrow to sample a few others . . .

Final thoughts:

In Paris, caramel is served extra salty. I love this -- because I'm a salt fiend -- and the butter is so deep and rich, a perfect pair.

Vanilla, a flavor I'd normally scoff at, was the best in the lot. Thank goodness for my dear friend Rosy's recommendation. The dotting of vanilla beans ensured a pure and natural vanilla taste.

The packaging at Laduree is as cute as their cookies, all that mint green -- so chic and delicious.

Ordering macarons in French is a pleasure, as they have little signs with all the different kinds you can point to in case you fumble a bit.

Wowwy! fantastique!!

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  1. my mouth is watering as we speak.....can you bring some home?