(Keith and the dog)

(Bella, the darling dog, and the beach along the Long Island Sound)

(Becca and the waterfall)

(Becca at her family's camp)

(the lovebirds in their natural habitat)

Staying for a few days with long-time friends, in the cutest log-cabinish house in the woods of Guilford, Connecticut was terrific. We sampled local ice creams (hence this last pose by Keith), frolicked near the peaceful Long Island Sound, tromped around a sweet little waterfall, made delicious meals (eaten at a proper table with beautiful plates and green goblet glasses), visited the amazing home where Becca's grand-dad and his 7 other brothers grew up, lounged on the deck and made merry.

Good friends are hard to come by, and these two kids are some of my favorite pals -- who went from living in a shed together in college in our house's backyard to Yale and El Presidio Graduate Students, world-travelers and accomplished, intelligent, do-gooding -- For goodness sake, they helped in the Haiti relief effort by GOING TO HAITI and doing something about the situation, in their own areas of expertise (public health and sustainable business)-- awesome-folks at large.

They were the inspiration for our long voyage, I watched them embark on a similarly minded journey through South America about four years ago. I knew from their experience that long-term travel was something I had to do. Keith and Becca, and beautiful Bella -- THANK YOU! Now forget Connecticut and move to Portland where we can get into some real trouble.

PS. I'm still on the diana mini kick, so all photos are shot with the cute little camera for a while here.

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  1. Oh Lee! Oh Oonie! We LOVED having you guys here. Our house felt even more joyful than usual. xoxo