(Kate and I walk through the woods, skipping and jumping along the way)

(the expansive view from Ocean's Lawn was heart-breakingly awesome -- note the buoys in the distance, they mark each fisherman's lobster trap)

(the sweetest-smelling lilacs were in full bloom)

(Kate and I dine on the bluffs)

I have arrived in Santa Barbara, after much fun was had on the East Coast -- New York, Connecticut and our last stop, Gloucester, Massachusetts. We were there to spend time with my oldest pal, Kate. We bicycled around the darling New England town, taking in the lighthouses, crisp air, quaint architecture (which I so eloquently can only describe as "so New England!"), bright blue water of the sea and local ice creams. The best part of our visit, however, was a last-night sunset picnic at Ocean's Lawn on Coolidge Reservation. This place is amazing. A short walk through pines and birch trees, a picturesque pond and loads of peeping birds brings you to a glorious plain of grass and views of the Atlantic Ocean unlike I've ever seen. The coves and all the coast line of Massachusetts are a far cry from our SoCal Pacific upbringing, but it was equally and differently beautiful. It was wonderful to be with my beach buddy numero uno, in her adopted new homeland, situated on this gorgeous other ocean. Although we no longer tan like it's a competitive sport (what were were our high school selves thinking?!), we still know how to pack a mean picnic for the beach. Thanks Kate!

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