We are so excited and proud to have planted our first vegetable garden. D and I love working out there, tending to our little darlings. Now that it's been about a week, I cannot imagine what we did without our new project. It's so much fun! My favorite part is mounding the soil into nice shapes, with a rake or my hand, it's a lot like cooking (shaping a dough in particular), but on a much larger scale. I love it.

We'll see how we do -- we are starting with the following:
several varieties of squash
rainbow chard
golden beets
chives and basil
and a few succulents D found growing out of sidewalks around our neighborhood

And the best part about our yard/garden is EATING in or around it. It's wonderful to be surrounded by all the plant life, either down low or perched in our 2nd story porch. It doesn't get any better. Yesterday, I first started to eat my egg breakfast on the couch and then, of course, I made a much better move outdoors. All was right in that moment.

For my egg -- I found a new fabulous combination of toppings --
a sliced radish (for spice and crunch)
minced nasturtium, basil and mint (all from our garden -- wow!)
tons of salt and pepper (I love Maldon salt flakes -- the best texture)
and a light dusting of Parmesan

Not really a recipe, just some thoughts on new ingredients to throw onto anything really and make it very very tasty.


  1. MUST try this, it looks amazing! And your garden looks so fun, I can't wait to see it :) xo

  2. i am so excited to be in your company, eating and musing all the time.


  3. you are like a little strawberry angel prancing in the fluffy green fields of strawberryland.

  4. that's rather nice. i aspire to such heights!

  5. soooo easy to grow your own radishes. they grow like weeds! try it, and make sure to thin them out so they can get nice and plump.