(my Neapolitan GIANT awaits my first bite)

(Katya is the coolest ice cream lady around)

Yet another reason why Portland rules during the summer -- you can be working on the computer, deeply entrenched in thoughts/photos/projects, when a sparkling sound of lullabies dots in and out of the trees. Today I just busted out of my work and onto the street to see what was up: the usual fare (ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, etc.) but the purveyor, Katya, was something to behold. How often do young Russian exchange students drive ice cream trucks through your hood? She told me she sings the songs she hears driving all day, all through the night. The melodies are stuck in her dreams and mind forever. When I asked her if she liked her product, a shrug "ess okay."

May we all dream of such soft songs and pink ice cream cones.


  1. i don't know why, but there are virtually NO ice cream trucks in Costa Mesa. the other day when tom and i were swinging in the swing we heard one and clare wasn't here! we both lamented that we couldn't run out!

  2. i ate that ice-cream sandy. cuz you left it in the freeze for 2 days.