(My dad in Istanbul and at a friend's wedding -- photo on left by me, at right, Jeff Clark)

(the quiche is finishing in our brand new oven)

Oh how I wish my Dad was here having Father's Day breakfast with us -- we could eat a slice of this quiche, fill up on coffee, go for a walk, maybe a few garage sales, read our books and then pass out on the couch for a few hours. Happy Father's Day, DADOO! He's the one who made me brave enough to venture into the kitchen at a restaurant in some far-flung country, ask tons of questions, and take pictures all the way. I love you, Pops, like nobody's business. And yes, we are going somewhere here -- we're getting on with this quiche thing.

I love quiche -- at once hearty and savory, it can also be a nice filling snack, perfect for fueling domestic projects. This one involved everything in the kitchen sink -- mushrooms, fresh herbs from a friend's garden, a little cheddar, veggie sausage and about five eggs to bind it all together. The unusual aspect of it was that I used olive oil in place of the butter/shortening in the crust and it turned out tender, with notes of fruitiness. I would definitely try the oil approach again -- very easy, convenient (I always have decent oil on hand), yielded a nice crumbly texture and tasted divine.

Cheers to yummy breakfast items and Fathers throughout the land!


  1. Ah quiche! How fond are my memories of quiche, forgotten, silently molding in my underused oven on Anapamu St.

  2. those quiches are still there in that oven.