I just finished this beautiful memoir by Judith Jones. As many of you know, she is the woman who first had faith in Julia Child and selected (and named) her french cooking tome, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Judith is as generous and fun in her writing and observations on food as her consummate pal, Julia. These two must have been quite the pair! Judith is still writing, blogging great stuff on her site. The woman is 86 years old and she's a blog maven -- wow.

My Life in Food is a great, easy read, full of anecdotes about James Beard, Julia, her cooking husband Evan, as well as many other fabulous food people -- My favorite part was her first awakening to good food, living in Paris in the late 40s as a student. She happily gets robbed of her purse and passport and decides she just has to stay in Paris and make it work - definitely a woman who let things happen and made things happen for herself.

Quite a few good recipes in there as well.

A toast to Judith!

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