(D cuddles our first yellow squash)

(look at the amazing cell structure of a zucchini slice)

(sauteed squash gets ready for breakfast)

(our first tomato!)

(the rainbow chard and dino kale are gorgeous and delicious)

We spent the greater part of the morning hours hanging out in our garden-- trimming, tasting and plucking -- we are in the golden moments where everything in our small plot seems to be bursting with flavor, size and vigor. There's nothing better than eating from your very own patch of dirt, having cultivated food with your own sweat and care. Now that we have some space, I cannot imagine how on Earth we survived without this pleasure. D is completely devoted to the endeavor and I assist with watering and tending -- we both get to enjoy the goods though!

Today we picked:
- one tomato
- chard
- dino kale
- 3 squashes
- basil, 2 varieties

I have plans to make:
- zucchini butter, via thekitchn
- zucchini bread
- more vegetable tarts
- can tomato sauce
- pickle beets?
- as many salads, lightly dressed in French dijon vinaigrette, as possible
- sauteed greens with polenta

Any other must-do suggestions for the summer bounty?


  1. delish. btw are those 'black cherry' heirloom tommies?

  2. vegetables never looked so good

  3. Mmm...YUM. One of my favorite summer sandwiches is a veggie panini. I grill up slices of squash and zucchini (and whatever else sounds yummy), lather up bread with olive oil, put it together with salt, pepper and oregano, and grill the sandwich to get it nice and toasty. {slurp!} I imagine those home grown veggies must just be divine!