Some of the best bowls of soup in all of Portland can be found at Zuppa Soups, a glorious soup stand at the PSU farmer's market. Earthy, aromatic, rich and piquant with toppings of cilantro and yogurt, the Indian Dhal is my lunch of choice.

In my quest for all things soup and lentil related, I'm wondering if the owner might share a recipe. We shall see.

In the meantime, I leave you with this humble image. Soup is so good! Even in the summer, I'm obsessed. It makes me think, am I alone in my love for the hot stuff, or do you have a favorite soup?


  1. I make loads of soups, even in summer, and am no fan of cold soups for some reason. My signature soups are Minestrone, Turkey Meatball, and a modified Chicken Stoup (Thick Stew/Soup). I'm not great with purely vegetable soups, with the exception of the Minestrone, and would love to learn more about them.

  2. we have around 5 different types of dahl in our pantry, it's our go-to meal most weeknights, healthy and easy to make. with some greens on the side. this soup looks luscious- looks like they have used the chanay ki dahl, perhaps?

  3. It certainly does look like chanay ki dal... and dal+dahi is a very soothing combo. Let us know if he shares the recipe with you...(otherwise I can help! :)

  4. I started to make a black eyed peas and greens soup which I am in love with. I use mustard greens, lots of pepper and lemon juice in it.