(the almonds prepare to get whizzed in the blender, then poured into the mason jar)

(almonds really are so beautiful)

The air has shifted to a few degrees cooler. The birds aren't peeping quite so early when I rise. The moon hangs in the morning sky, along with the sun. I'm wearing sweat pants. It even drizzled a little today on my walk. Fall is not only coming, it's kinda here . . .

I love to celebrate all the seasons, it's one of the reasons I'm grateful to live in the Pacific NW, instead of the perfect Southern California weather I grew up in. But the truth is that Fall is my favorite. I consider it the best time of year! The flavors, scarves, crisp air, changing leaves and the time to go inward with projects and new ideas. Perhaps it's the school girl still within me, but the beginning of September brings me great joy and renewed focus.

So it was serendipitous that I met Diana Stobo, a cookbook author and culinary artist at the Farmer's Market, then again at Whole Foods. Diana is a raw food advocate bursting with nutritional knowledge, positivity, a human attitude (not dogmatic) to eating well, and many approachable and easy raw vegan recipes to share. I loved her book, Get Naked Fast, and it's relaxed attitude towards optimum wellness and healing through healthy eating.

Diana's book and her raw recipes renewed my interest in healthy eating and gave me lots of new ideas for delicious and healthful things to eat -- this was great timing, as the Fall is fast-approaching and I was feeling a bit in a food rut . . .

The first recipe I turned to was one for almond milk. I buy almond milk once per week and drink it in my tea, pour it onto my cereal and sometimes add it to soups and smoothies and I'm embarrassed to say it never occurred to me to make my own. Of course I should make some! YES! That's how I felt when I saw the simple recipe.

I got crackin . . .

The results? REALLY REALLY NICE. So fresh. So pure.

Almond Milk
(adapted from Diana Stobo's, Get Naked Fast)
1 c almonds, soaked for 12 hours in a bowl of water
4 cups water
pinch of salt

Place almonds in a bowl, top with water, cover and let sit for 12 hours (I did mine overnight). Place soaked almonds in a blender, pour four cups of water over it, throw the salt in and whizz on high speed for about 30 seconds to a minute. Mixture will turn white and frothy. Pour almond milk through a nut bag, over a large pitcher or container. Squeeze out the almond remains and pour into a 1 quart jar with a lid. Really nice chilled.

*I think next time I may sweeten mine with a date or a little honey. And add a little vanilla bean.


  1. leela,
    i heart almond milk and am going to try this like TODAY. how are you dear girl?
    Its been a while. Are you back stateside? whats the latest?

  2. i love the way this looks...can it taste as good?