D grew the most amazing things in our garden this summer.  As we officially transition into Fall (today!), he happily brought in a bowl of beautiful edible objects.  I love the random beauty of the vegetables, but couldn't help shaping the produce into a smile.  Now what to do with these things?  The tomatoes are best popped straight into the mouth, perhaps dressed in a little salt and oil.  The squash?  I'm almost sick of the squash.  Not quite though.  I even nibbled on a giant raw specimen, driving home from a friend's house -- I was inspired by all the neighborhood squirrels!  And the petite butternut?  Maybe roast it with sage and butter?  Risotto anyone?

Hmm . . . 

I'm still enamoured and amazed that D grew these things, right before our eyes on our little patch of soil in the backyard.  Increible!

I'm curious, what would you do with tomatoes, a yellow squash and a butternut?

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  1. You might try Three Sister stew, which I discovered with a spice mix I bought at the Portland Farmers Market. According to CuisineMentor, which markets the spice blend, the stew is made with the "three sister" of vegies--squash, corn and beans--as well as onion, tomatoes, cilantro and broth. The spices include green pepper, chili pepper and chipolte. Supposedly the "three sisters" were all planted together rather than in rows. The corn stalks supported the vining beans while the broad squash leaves helped trap moisture for all the plans. You can get more info about the spice blend from CR