When choosing between babies -- human or pancake -- At this point in my life, I'll go with the pancake version.  In particular, this Dutch Baby from Helzers on Alberta.  Have you ever had such a thing?  I've always steered clear because of the pesky asterix which accompanied the fun title, "20 minute wait." Or something to that effect.  We so rarely go out for breakfast, that when I do go, I do not want to wait an extra twenty minutes for my food.  

We got smart though -- ordering a pre-breakfast breakfast, thus saving ourselves for what D assured me to be the biggest/baddest pancake ever.  And oh baby, Dutch or otherwise, it TWAS!  As a pancake maven and afficianado, I was struck by a few things:

- the ginormity of the baby -- looked like it was cooked in one big cast-iron skillet, then flipped onto the plate.  This was no wall-flower baby.

- the abundant lemon/powdered sugar garnish, and how perfect these two things complimented the rich flavor of the pancake.

- the eggy quality of the pancake -- almost a cross between omelette, clatafouti (French pancake/cake dessert) and classic pancake.

- the textural contrasts of the base of dutch baby (heavy, soulful) and the edges, whisper thin and crackly.  I loved both!

So tell me, have you dared to order a Dutch Baby?  Did you find it worth the wait?  I sure did!

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  1. I've had the dutch baby there and it is awesome! I've had both the naked with a squeeze of lemon and one with a HUGE PILE of blackberries in the middle--both were delish! xo