And that's a good thing!  We feasted till our hearts and bellies were full to the brim.  I was joking around that I was "with pie," my stomach was so big and tight.  The meal was divine, the company even better.  I started out the day ambitiously with devilish pancakes and then it was just one big great bite after the other.  The stuff dreams are made of, it was that good.  

On our menu:
Nick's double whammy yam/sweet potato souffle confection -- out of this world!

Kelly's green beans with toasted almonds, and bright sunshiney spinach salad (a much-needed pause from all the rich foods)

Classic stuffing with sage, onion, celery and golden raisins

Wild Oregon Mushroom, toasted hazelnut and Parmesan Crostata a-la-Leela -- this was such a great vegetarian main course, I'll definitely make it again and post the recipe

Mom's ginger cranberry relish -- so raw, so right!

Dad's Infamous Pumpkin Chiffon Pie -- he knocked it out of the park this year.

Wes and Breezy's amazing assortment of wine -- I tried a refreshing Sparkling wine, a Vionniet from Southern Oregon and finished with a rich and juicy Pinot from Archery Summit -- SO wonderful to have the accompanying wines to enjoy the meal.

D and I were doing the kitchen dance all morning, helping each other, doing dishes while the other chopped, generally trying to keep all cooking flow going, in our tiny kitchen.  I forgot the kale, but hey -- it was okay.

I'm so incredibly thankful for the people around our table and all the friends and family we so love and adore.  They are the most important part of our lives!

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