Do you know this method of 'cleaning up the edges'?  A noshing technique that frequently involves a finger and an open fridge door.  Frequent victims: peanut butter jars, cookie crumbs, icing on cake and, our latest victim, Dad's infamous pumpkin chiffon pie.  This poor dear's filling has been brutalized so badly, the results of much 'just cleaning up the edges.'

We are terrible!  Mostly me though.  D often comes home to a 1-cm nub of honey-roasted peanut butter, shaped into a perfectly symmetrical half-dome at the bottom of the jar or a 1-inch portion of stuffing, with all the goodies gone due to my plucking of the golden raisins and green apples.  As much as I'd love to live by the French mantra, no snacking in front of the fridge, I cannot help my finger swoops.  I suppose it's the sculpture student within.  Although, 3D was the only art class I just couldn't get a beat on.  I should have presented all my 'clean edge' foods of the year, that would have been a cool piece!

My cleaning  of edges piece-de-resistance was fully realized in Istanbul a few months ago -- you may remember the post -- Cleaning Technique.


  1. i can't do that. clare would copy, and that would be BAAAAAD! :) you go, swoopy girl.

  2. i think i got this very habit from my own mom, although she'd never admit it.

  3. this is such an utterly darling post. x shayma