My parents recently sent my wedding dress up from California, where it has been living for over a year.  It was so fun to put it back on and twirl around in our messy house!  There is just nothing like the feeling I get when I zip up this frock -- it sends me right back into wedding land.  It's pretty amazing how clothes can give you such power and the aura of some items is beyond comparison.  

Throughout my life, I've had some special ensembles -- my black wings in high school (as big as me!), the first cherry red 50s dress I was given after working at a teeny vintage shop in Santa Barbara, my shocking blue ballerina dress made for me by Shiva, the Goan tailor . . . 

This dress though -- it's the tops.

Thanks D for buying it for me in Carson City, Nevada all those years ago!

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  1. post pictures of your wedding !! and of course tell us the menu of your wedding !!