We have a Whole Foods about half a mile a way.  They always have red grapes to taste.  This evening, D and I found ourselves in the fancy Whole Foods across town, grabbing a bite before a lecture on Forensic Anthropology (it was sold out though -- such a bummer).  Amidst building an expansive and expensive salad, we plucked many grapes.  We tossed them down the hatch, one by one, until I grabbed a handful and Dave winced with glee and embarrassment. 

I'm what I think of as a liberal sampler.  I go hard, it's free!  I have a hard time not tasting an item if it's out for display.  This is the girl who just had to swipe her index finger on the back of all wedding cakes as a kid, went to Costco (sampling strange and absurd foods, to be sure) for lunch in college and now grazes heartily at the Farmer's Market.  I love being in the rest of the world's bustling markets, where sampling is the norm and you must 'taste taste.' I've fell in love with many odd foods this way -- custard apples, salep (a Turkish hot drink made of milk, cinnamon and powdered orchid root) and tofu skins to name a few.

Fall grapes -- they're made for tasting! 

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