spectacular coast line -- I love the sea!

gorgeous holly tree

look at those Autumn leaves

beautiful vase at an apple cider bakery and very tasty blueberry pancakes

an MG convention drove right past us -- the cutest cars, really

swans mate for life, Kate told us -- so AMAZING!  and gorgeous.
Kate and I have taken this same excited photo since we were about 3 years old!

After a week of working on a nasty cold, D and I emerged from our congested haze into the most beautiful wedding. Our cousin Julia got married -- congratulations Julia and Chris! The small town was the perfect setting for a family wedding, the sun was shining and the ocean absolutely blue. The fresh air as crisp as the first bite of a really good Jonagold apple. It was just plain luck that my oldest pal, Kate also lived in the area, so we got to visit with her. She acted as the bubbliest tour guide we Kilpatricks (and Cyd Rosses!) could have asked for.

We are happy to be home, in our little Portland perch, full of familial hugs and love. Weddings are the goods stuff of life, so I was thrilled to have been apart of the weekend.

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