Things are stirring over here.  We are definitely closing in on a cold winter -- the leaves are all gone.  Snow is predicted tomorrow.  I found myself clicking through our trip photos for the good part of an hour . . . I came upon this beautiful Parisian staircase and it seemed a fitting illustration for my mood.  I rode my bike downtown with a beanie and gloves and still had D pick me up instead of riding back home.  

We are celebrating lots of birthdays, holidays and I'm already thinking about goals for 2011.  This winter weather induces lots of thinking on projects, movie watching, crafting and reflecting.  A few hours of monkey brain haven't led me to 'answers' per se, but I do feel I'm moving in the right direction, constantly trying to chip away at ideas and grow.  Sometimes it feels too slow, other times just right -- mostly, somewhere in between.  I am always amazed how the Portland wet weather sneaks up and surprises me.  It's when I miss California days the most.


  1. Love it--it's so important to day dream to let those ideas be put into action. You are such an inspiration to us all!

  2. thanks darling tricia girl! right back atcha!