Why are you so good?

Why are the most rich and addictive beverage around?

You fill me with such joy, then such a draggy feeling in late afternoon.

Sometimes, you relieve me from headaches.

Sometimes I learn extensively about you and your origins.

Most important, you pair perfectly with my favorite food on Earth: a big slice of chocolate cake.

Lately, I've been tired and you've picked me up.  So has the chocolate cake.

I think I'm ready for the sunshine and relaxation of 10 days in California.

These walks in the rain at 3:30 after work have got me a little down.

Good thing I come home, wet hair and a warm heart, to my darling D and a nice cuppa the dark brew.


  1. I can live without my dog, my wife, my newspaper, my children.....But you will have to pry my coffee cup from my cold dead hand. But what would people REALLY do for coffee.....Nice post

  2. wait... when are you coming to CALI? we'd drive up just to see you doll. of course your parents are fun to hang out with too. :)

  3. please come up, tom, lisa and claire mae!!! that would be j'perfection.