the British poppers from Gen Gen were a huge hit -- wore my crown all morning long -- sweater made by my grandma for my dad, more than 30 years ago -- amazing gift!

My parents served MANY heavenly meals over the break, I hardly lifted a finger.  Each dinner was topped off with some wildly yummy dessert such as this pumpkin souffle with freshly whipped cream.

Dave and I soaking in the sun, in LA.  Viva el sol!!!

the sweetest little red cuddle buddy in the whole wide world.

Holding court at D'Angelos with old friends, my favorite breakfast place in Santa Barbara.  The best poached eggs and toast on Earth.

A lot of biscuits, my favorite breakfast, were made!  Is there anything better than waking up to hot biscuits and strong coffee with doting parents, in the sunshine, fuel for taking a long beach walk?  I think not.

the darling boy received a few new green bones for his Xmas treat.

I just returned to Portland after a long and restful stay in Santa Barbara and LA.  The sun was actually shining bright and bold and beautiful today!  The air was cold and fresh as we huddled in our little apartment by our fake fire place.  Kinda great.  I wanted to invite you in for a peek over my vacation, much needed after a busy working 6 months.  I also set aside a little time to create a few intentions for the new year -- I love this season of reflection and new possibilities.  Do you have any goals for the big 11?

I'd like to: work on being a little less sensitive, more 'roll with the punches' light-heartedness, continue my yoga practice (perhaps adding in an extra class?), finalize my new post series for the Kitchn (stay tuned, friends), listen to new tunes, take more cooking classes and work extra hard on friendships

Talk to you next year!

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