I have been so fortunate to be able to blog for The Kitchn since late August of this year.  During this quiet holiday time, the site is featuring the faces behind the posts -- Mine is up this morning!  The site hit its 5 million reader per/month mark this past November, so we're definitely 'playing with the big dogs' is how I like to think of it.  Working for the Kitchn is a dream come true because it's always been my go-to place for original recipe ideas, splashy stories, gorgeous photographs and non-stop food inspiration.  Being behind the scenes and a member of the team, words cannot describe the feeling.  I love it.  The site has allowed me to explore creative ideas and questions I never thought I'd get feedback and responses on, such as 'What does Home Taste Like?' and 'Macaron Smackdown: Ladree vs. Hermes.'  The Kitchn has also allowed me to interview folks in the food world who I greatly admire -- Mark Bittman and Kim Boyce to name a few.  AMAZING!  

Check me out (find out what my favorite kitchen tool is!) over yonder if you have a spare moment.

Lee on The Kitchn


  1. You so deserve all of these dream-come-trues. Congrats on all your achievement, Leela!

  2. thanks darlin -- and right back acha!

  3. You are an inspiration, my dear! And yes, you definitely deserve every last bit of wonderfulness that comes your way because you are so amazing. xo!