Tastes like happy.

Check out Tricia's amazing vintage ring, purchased from the same vintage shop, Antoinette's where D got mine!

That is one cute cup and one cute lady.

I seem to be really having a love affair with decadent, luxurious, not safe for work-type hot chocolate.  The kind that enrobes your taste buds in sweet, smoky, nuanced, breathy notes -- Sweet whispers on the back of my throat . . .  Oh yes.  Now I've officially lost it folks. 

Even more exciting than finding a devilish shot of hot chocolate (which we did at Cacao) amidst a rainy afternoon, is the news that my dear friend Tricia is getting married.  I'm overjoyed for her and her man, Andrew -- I have gotten to know Tricia and darling Andrew over the years, and am so happy for their impending nuptials.  I'm also sad because Trish is moving across the country, to D.C., but am delighted at the thought of their new life, taking on a new town!  Tricia and I are working on a project to be revealed on the blog soon.  We're kindred spirits --the girl is equally crazed about hot chocolate and all of it's deep, yummy glory.  Awwh, I'm going to miss you, my Dear!

Raise your glass of champagne or petite mug of barely-sweetened 70% cocoa -- To marriage!


  1. I'm going to miss you too!!! Kindred spirits are a special and rare occasion, meant to be celebrated. I'm so so glad that we met and you are in my life! xoxo, t

  2. I was just there last weekend with a friend. The drinking chocolate is delicious!


  3. cacao -- it is the best place for hot cocoa in town. as close as it gets to angelina in paris!